Today, the boundaries between business and socials have become almost non-existent. Found a product that you like? Post it on socials, share it to a friend, make a product review. With everything and everyone turning to social media, it has become relatively easy to promote your product or service to a wider market. Everything can be instantly mass-marketed to a global audience with just a tap of a finger. 

In fact, according to research, over 3 billion users worldwide log in on social media, accounting for nearly 50% of the world’s population. And on average, people spend about 2 hours and 22 minutes on their social networks, enough to read a viral post or watch your 30-second ad, but that is if and only if, your ad is eye-catching enough. 

With everybody taking their businesses online and the competition getting tougher by the day, how can you make sure that your business is getting enough views?

If you don’t know the answer to this yet, here, we’ll help you unlock the three secrets of successful social media marketers.

1. Niche down

The most common mistake of business owners is trying to get everyone to be their customer without even identifying who their target market really is. Not only is this inefficient in terms of branding, but it can also be too expensive especially when you start running your ads. 

In the competitive sphere of social media, niching down will help you filter your audience and better serve paying customers. If you know and understand who you’re speaking to, you can better tailor your ads, content, products and services to their needs. At the same time, you get better conversions and better value for your buck if you know which market you should direct your ads to.

2. Create quality content

In digital marketing, we always say that “content is king” and it’s true. The base foundation of your business is being able to successfully capture the attention of your audience and consistently maintain a healthy level of engagement with them. Tap into your audience, determine what is it that piques their interest and from there, build a solid content strategy plan. 

However, you should also know that producing high-quality content is a commitment in and of itself because you always have to constantly think on your feet. It’s not an easy task, but the good thing is you can now hire someone to do your social media management for you, so at least, that’s one less thing to worry about.

 3. Analyze then optimize

Social media marketing is not just about what makes a viral post. If you want to blow up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you shouldn’t just rely on that one or few posts that you believe will go viral.

Today, content is just one side of the equation. Behind all the glamour of viral Facebook posts or trending tweets on Twitter, is a practical and strategic analysis of what works and what doesn’t. So, analyze what strategies have worked for you and optimize them to your advantage.

Each big-name brand started from the bottom and then worked their way up the social media ladder. So, whether you’re a small business in Ipswich or a startup in some other place across the globe, it’s not yet too late for you to adopt these secret strategies no matter what stage of growth your company is in right now.

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