The success of a business lies in strategic planning and seamless execution from the operations to marketing management. But with the rapid evolution of technology today, avenues for marketing have also changed. From old-fashioned print and TV ads, we now have the option to either stick with traditional outlets or make a beeline for digital channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads.

What is Digital Marketing?

By definition, digital marketing is any form of marketing that makes use of the internet. This ranges from your usual social media management to Google Ads, search engine optimization, email marketing, and paid ads. It’s basically anything that is online.

Obviously, what gives digital an edge is that there’s more open engagement with the targeted audience. There’s instant interactivity and the ads are easily customizable so you can continuously edit and optimize your ads based on your market. Additionally, the data results are almost instantaneous. You can easily measure the success of your campaigns through automated marketing analytics that collects data from users, plus, it is more sophisticated with an actual demographic breakdown that enables you to quickly get insights from your dataset.

Perhaps, one of the most popular marketing trends today is viral marketing which can rapidly reach thousands to millions of users worldwide. However, just as fast as a video clip can go viral, it’s also just as quick an ad can flop. So more often than not, viral marketing is a hit or miss. What you should take note of though is that the first 10 seconds of an ad is the most crucial. So if those first 10 seconds aren’t catchy enough, it’s over.

But although the ever-evolving digital landscape can be quite a challenge to maneuver, the rewards are undeniably promising. So if you are a startup or a local business operating in Ipswich, digital marketing is something you shouldn’t miss.

Aside from Facebook Ads, you should also try listing your company on Google My Business to drive local traffic. On top of that, you can still do affiliate marketing or influencer marketing with the help of bloggers and influencers in your niche.

So, is traditional marketing still relevant?

While digital marketing is all the rage, traditional outlets still remain to be an important marketing avenue. It may be more expensive and more tedious to pull off, but doing it right is a risk worth taking especially if you’re targeting an older demographic.

Contrary to popular belief, traditional may be old but it’s definitely not outdated. In fact, TV ads can still reach around 70% of a country’s population in a day. Additionally, events marketing also remains to garner a significant success rate. Similarly, direct mail shows a 4.4% success rate as compared to 0.12% in email newsletters.

 Our Final Verdict

All things considered, while 57% of the population uses the internet, a lot of people are still open to listening to the radio or reading the newspapers. Besides, coupons in mails still encourage people to drive to the stores so a call to action from a TV ad or a billboard can still spur conversions.

Anyway, pros and cons aside, both strategies can still be used to work alongside each other but ultimately, you first need to figure out your product, your potential market, and the persona of your target consumer, only then you will be able to devise a great enough marketing strategy for your business. But overall, integrating both techniques can help elevate your brand and encourage a deeper customer experience.

If you’re up and ready to dive into the world of digital marketing, then reach out to blacktile today and take the next step in growing your business.