Back To Basics

As one of our longest standing clients, Back to Basics have been incredible to work with over the last couple of years. 

Run by 3 talented individuals with the original Sue Stephens at the helm. 

After 21 years servicing the construction industry, it was time for a facelift in 2016 which included a rebranding and an updated website. This process was managed by our friends, the Imperium Consultants as at this time, little old BlackTile was yet to exist!

Some time after this site was completed and handed over, BlackTile had come into existence and were recommended to Back to Basics to take care of the SEO, Content Creation and Social Media Management and the rest is history.

The biggest problem faced by Back to Basics is the fact that whilst they have an extremely large target market, the industry is fraught with legislation and competition is terribly fierce.

But here at BlackTile, we like a challenge…. 

Marketing Services We Provide

To Back to Basics Business Training PTY LTD

Content and Social Media

Blog creation has been a major part of the work we have done with BTB. BlackTile have written multiple SEO optimised and industry specific articles which we have then posted and pushed to social media via various campaigns. 

As part of what we do for BTB, management of their social media is key to their brand awareness. In just 6 short months we have increased their “Likes”  by 145% and their overall “Clicks” by 130%

Facebook Stats from June 18 to Jan 19

Having a great website is one thing, but if it is not regularly maintained, it will eventually begin to fail and all of that time and effort you put into it is all for nothing. BlackTile looks after the Back to Basics site to ensure it is kept up to date, running quickly and is always online! 

Website Management


SEO is an ongoing and critical aspect of website ownership. After taking on ownership of the SEO for Back to Basics, BlackTile employed a custom strategy aimed at backing up the created content and driving rankings up. When compared to the 6 months beforehand, we were able to increase traffic by 41.4% and lower bounce rate by 62.2% meaning that more customers were finding the Back to Basics site, and they were staying there. This equals more exposure for Back to Basics, and more customers! 

Concentrating on increasing traffic whilst reducing bounce rate is an artform left best to the experts. Luckily here at BlackTile, we have a couple of those! Traffic up, Bounce rate down. Go team! 

The team at BlackTile have been imperative in taking our website from the depths of Google to page 1 for dozens of our keywords. They have also increased our Facebook from nothing to well over 1000 followers. We cannot thank them enough!

Susan Stephens

CEO , Back to basics Business Training PTY LTD