Why do you need content?

Well more importantly, what is content?

Content is defined as “information made available by a website or other electronic medium” so essentially, content is everything on the internet! But even more so, it is an integral part of being found on the internet. If you search for something, how often do you search for a topic such as “Small Business Marketing” or ask a question such as “Who is the best content creator in Brisbane?”…. More than you would search for a brand name maybe? Well this is where having amazing content comes into it. 

Our content creation team led by the amazing Anna are here to create your business some amazing blog posts, infogram images, white papers, industry studies, advertising text and much more. 

Search Engines Love it

Search engines such as Google look for unique and relevant content as part of deciding what makes a website worth ranking higher on the results page. This is how Wikipedia is the #1 website in the world, swiftly followed by YouTube. Because they are full of unique content! 

Being Helpful is Good Business

You have a wealth of knowledge on your product or service and when you share this with your customers, they see that you really do know what you are talking about. But maybe you don’t have the time to write it yourself? We do.

Marketing Material

You know that email marketing is important, but what do you send? Why would someone want to read an email from you?? Well, what if you had the answer to one of their most pressing questions? They would think you were amazing huh… That’s content marketing 101. 

Are you ready to stand out?

If you are ready to take the next step with your small business marketing, BlackTile is here to help. 

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