Search Engine Optimisation

In this short guide we will explain what SEO is and why you need it.

What do you think of when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? The repetition of “magical” phrases and keywords which, through some sort of online alchemy, will attract search engines to rate your online presence highly in search results?

The reality is that using SEO effectively is a complex, multi-faceted project which requires considerable expertise and persistence. The algorithms which power search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to second-guess. This means that a selection of tried and tested approaches, coupled with innovative techniques which take into account algorithm updates, are needed to maximise the chances of increasing your exposure effectively. Take a look at four tools which can really make a difference to your search result placement:

Backlink building

A backlink, at its most basic, is a link to your site from another site. Algorithms find sites which have been skillfully backlinked more appealing, perhaps because being backlinked helps to establish your site as a source of expertise or high-grade information about your topic.

When considering a strategy for backlinking, the choice of sites you garner links from is always important.

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A link from a high-grade, authoritative site (such as the BBC, Forbes, a broadsheet or similar), carries more weight than a link from a less well-known or well-regarded source. Although building up suitable backlinks takes time, it can really make a difference to your search ranking in the long run.

Guest posting

A great way to enhance exposure to your audience is to post a guest blog on a site which attracts an audience who may want to try your goods or services. For example, if you sell wood glues or carpentry tools, a guest post on a trade website could be the perfect solution. Most sites are eager to accept well-written, high-grade content.

The purpose of a blog post should be primarily to inform or entertain. The marketing normally takes the form of a backlink to your site, or a call to action at the end of the post. The key here is quality! Your guest blog should aim to engage potential customers, as well as provide practical information. We can ensure your guest posts get on the right blogs, enhancing the profile of your small business.

Local citation building

Location links can do an enormous amount to increase your profile with your target audience. Many small business operations have a local audience (such as tradesmen, restaurants, hairdressers, retail outlets etc); by gradually building up an online presence which connects you with a particular area, it’s possible to skew search results in favour of your operation.

Local citations are found in numerous sources: directories, service pages, social media, local interest sites and more. Commentary on local events, a real-life presence at local occasions which gets reported online, or charity and community work in the local area could all translate into local citations. We can find a large number of sites where your contact details could and should be displayed, often for free or at a highly competitive price.

Content marketing

Contemporary marketing isn’t just about spreading awareness that you exist: it’s all about giving your customers and prospective customers more. When you are working on “Content Marketing” it is done in the context of “adding value” to your potential customers. The aim of content marketing isn’t to directly sell your product, but to give your audience the sort of experience they want more of. By rewarding your audience with informative, fun or engaging content that invites participation and comment, you pave the way for enhanced interaction and start to build a relationship with customers which will hopefully result in lasting brand loyalty.

Given that it’s always easier to retain customers than to attract new ones, content marketing is critical to the continued success of your small business. Content marketing takes many forms: from videos, social media comments and guest blog posts through to competitions, promotions and discounts, content marketing can be tailored to meet the individual goals of your organisation. Although return in the short-term can be small, it’s normally possible to see significant increases in interest and sales after a few months of consistent content marketing.


When it comes to enhancing your online presence, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Each business is different and requires SEO that’s specifically targeted to their desired outcomes. As an experienced agency offering solutions for small businesses across the country, we will work with you to establish what you want to achieve with your SEO marketing, then help you get there. Get in touch to find out how skilled SEO could make a quantifiable difference to your bottom line, for far less than you might imagine!