Everyone is on social media nowadays as it has become an integral part of people’s daily activities. With almost, if not all, of today’s population invested in these platforms, it is no wonder that some might even call it a necessity. Social media has become very involved both in the personal and business lives of people, and Australia is no different from that.

Social media, therefore, is the ideal platform to conduct certain endeavors that demand reach and audience. That is why it is important to know what each social media platform can do and what type of users to expect from each of them. In this list below, we have listed down the top social media websites in Australia and how they can be maximized for social media marketing.

1.   Facebook

If you do not have a Facebook account, you are definitely missing out on most of the happenings here in the world. Facebook is one of the most-used social media platforms and in Australia alone, it is estimated that 60% of the whole Australian population are using this. If you seek to advertise or promote something, Facebook is the perfect place for it. Besides its wide reach and coverage, with users coming from all ages and areas, Facebook has added a unique feature (Business Manager) that will enable you to filter through your audience and select a specific target market.

With Facebook’s Business Manager, you can now integrate all your marketing efforts on both Facebook and Instagram under one platform. Basically, it will help you keep your personal account from your business profile. Moreover, you can customize and filter your ads and track their performance.

2.   Instagram

Instagram may be limited to videos and photos only, but that is what makes it a good platform if you want to create your own portfolio. Your Instagram feed can be built on a certain aesthetic that can attract a specific market. Creating a layout also allows you to make your products or services more desirable. You can focus on a theme or a color scheme, giving you that creativity that other platforms cannot.

One more thing about Instagram is that it is user-friendly and straightforward. Users can easily see what they came for as everything is already neatly laid out. As for the market that can be targeted with this platform, Instagram is where most celebrities and influencers also stay, which means their huge following of fans are also in there.

But if you want to explore Instagram’s paid ad options, you can also check out Instagram Ads which you can manage and access through your Facebook Ads Manager. 

3.   YouTube

If your marketing strategy is to create fun, viral, and entertaining videos, YouTube is the perfect platform to do this. Remember that people visit YouTube to watch, so it is important to focus on making content for entertainment purposes. Advertisements should be done creatively so ensure that the first few seconds of your videos are powerful enough to hook viewers. 

With YouTube, you can either build your own YouTube channel where you can gather views and subscribers or make use of their paid ad options to advertise your brand. There are different ad formats on YouTube and it’s up to you to pick a format that best suits your product or service and budget. But on average, YouTube Ads costs about AU$.0.13 to AU$0.39 per view. 

On the other hand, creating a YouTube channel can help you build a community of loyal following where you can easily market your product or service. Lastly, YouTube channel subscribers are always notified if you have uploaded a new content so having a loyal following is definitely an advantage. 

4.   LinkedIn

While the first three above are more for socializing and entertainment, LinkedIn is vastly different. This platform is on the professional side of things. Think of Instagram but more business-like. Instead of focusing on aesthetics and face value, LinkedIn is a platform where you can advertise yourself or brand in the business world. It’s great for people looking to network with other executives or business owners in the same or related industries. 

This means, besides your own personal profile, you can also create an account of your company or business. LinkedIn is a trustworthy platform when it comes to business thus, having a LinkedIn profile, whether for your own personal identity or for your company, adds another layer of professionalism and credibility.  

If you’re looking to do PPC, Linkedin has its own Linkedin Ads as well which you can explore for paid advertising.