Marketing teams all have one common goal: to take the limelight in the stage where it matters. For many years, this has been done through the use of traditional media like billboards, newspapers, radio, and television advertisements. But now, with the advent of digital media, companies have begun to embrace the concept of mobile marketing.

There are, indeed, many ways to do marketing through mobile phones, but none perhaps is as popular as social media marketing.

Social media marketing is the use of social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok as a means to reach the audience and raise brand awareness. Although originally created for specific and unique purposes—Facebook for networking, Twitter for microblogging, Instagram and TikTok for content creation—these apps have evolved as a part of consumer lifestyle and therefore serve the purpose of being a useful marketing tool.

Many believe that social media marketing is a very effective way to optimize a company’s marketing strategies because of its personalized approach to each consumer. This is in comparison to the mass targeting of the previous mediums that preceded it. 

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is such an all-encompassing term. It involves so much effort in learning data analysis, content writing, and graphic design among others. But no matter how you utilize your social media accounts, harnessing the benefits of it could be the key to success of your business. Here are a few advantages of social media marketing:

Helps you achieve your business goals fast

Take for instance, the beer brand Coors Light and how it was able to maximize their social media pages. They use features like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and even Twitter Promotions. They are most known in Twitter for trending the hashtag #CouldUseABeer—this, coupled with cheeky campaigns like showcasing a Clone Machine where users are encouraged to record a 30-second video loop that shows them sneaking away to grab a beer. The company promised to give away a six-pack to everyone who tagged them on Twitter using the hashtag. This idea was hot during the height of the quarantine period. It gained Coors Light social media engagement, brand awareness, and direct consumer contact.

Indeed, social media marketing is a great way to help achieve your business goals. From increasing website traffic, conversions, and raising brand awareness, to building bridges to connect and create organic relationships with consumers. Communication and customer engagements are crucial to success; hence, when social media marketing is done correctly, it can be a great way to establish your brand identity and thereby, promote positive brand association.

Nurtures your relationship with your customers

It is a well-known fact that social media sparks direct conversations between existing and prospective customers. A big population of customers can be found on social media with over 2 billion people regularly active on the internet. Through posts and comments, these can make the campaign more personal and make people feel that they are genuinely cared for, thus creating a bigger and more engaged audience. This, in turn, makes it easier to reach an even wider audience which translates to higher traffic and ultimately, higher conversions.

Not only is building your social media presence great for communication, but it is also useful in acquiring the trust of your consumers. Consumers engage with accounts that they know and trust, and this can only happen if you ensure that you have brand recall. That means, regularly putting content on your page so that they are always reminded of your brand. It’s not necessary to post daily, but pick up a rhythm or schedule of posting. Content creation could be quite a tedious job for you especially if you’re still growing your business, which is why it could be more productive if you can hire someone to do it for you. 

With social media being a little more transparent, the audience can see how others are reacting to the brand’s page and content. Is this brand worth it? Their purchasing process is heavily influenced by how they perceive the company, the products, and the ads. Social media can help build trust by creating catchy and relevant content. 

Saves you dollars 

Social media marketing can also be less expensive compared to traditional advertising. If you’re aiming to grow your following organically, then you have to religiously post shareable content. On the other hand, you can also utilise paid ads to get a certain reach on Facebook or Instagram. For as low as AUD$100, you can optimise your campaigns depending on your market preference. Facebook provides data analytics to help you better target your audience. This way, you’re not blindly spending your dollars on ads that don’t even reach your target consumers. Remember, data is your best friend when it comes to marketing. 

How to Use Social Media Channels for Marketing


The possibilities within social media are endless. For Facebook for example, one can have digital native ads where brands can pay to be seeded in the feed of their target market; sponsorships and partnerships where advertisers can embed themselves into the platform of another company in a B2B way; and influencer marketing where brands can find a common ground from the content of users who have a significant following.    

Fortunately, Facebook has also enabled themselves to provide resources for businesses such as the omnichannel consumer journey mapping, which bridges digital assets to its brick-and-mortar stores. 


For Instagram, marketing works best in a direct-seller-to-consumer approach, mainly because of the features available on the platform. Apart from visually enticing assets, Instagram is designed to behave like a gallery for a particular niche or community. 

On Instagram, user to consumer conversion happens almost instantly because the platform allows users to tag the brand of the products on their photos.


Twitter is made for short and character-limited posts designed for quick thoughts and announcements. This is good for posting brands who want to advertise in a very swift manner.


LinkedIn specializes in professional and business-to-business connections. Using this channel is a great move when expanding a company’s team and partnering with other institutions.


YouTube has also become an efficient way to advertise. Over the years, YouTube has accumulated over 2 billion monthly users. Knowledgeable and enticing video content that offers quick guides and showcasing the brand can reel in users to engage and purchase.


Social media marketing needs as much strategizing as other traditional and digital operations. However, setting up a vision and purpose will help you drive your company towards your desired direction. Whether it be creating custom content or tracking how the business is performing, setting up goals is a great way to start your social media campaign. Knowing what is needed means knowing how to get to it, tackle it, and improve on it. Similarly, knowing what is working and what needs improvement can help with targeted ads and better offers. This is information that will help not only anchor the business but help sail it further.

However, if you think managing your social media pages can be a little too much for you and you’re already drowning in a sea of tasks as a business owner, then go ahead and find a company who can handle your social media channels for you. Or better yet, reach out to us at Blacktile and we’ll find the best social media solution for your business.